What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is nothing special these days where it is just another storage which it is only accessible via the internet.

The question is always whether is it necessary to use the cloud storage?

From my point of view, the cloud storage is necessary today because more and more property are stored in digital format.

Photos for example, the main source used to be some sort of a film but today, it is in digital.

Music used to be in CD and cassette but today, MP3 is the way to go.

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So, there is no way that we deny that the trend is going to digital today and having a backup copy is necessary.

While backing up those data into media such as CD and DVD is a good idea, but who can guarantee that the media does go defective physically 10 years down the road?

That is why cloud storage had become a necessity today and here are some good things about them:

  • You don’t need hardware.
  • You don’t need to maintain.
  • You don’t need to think of scalability.
  • You don’t need to think of backup.

Although it is such a feature rich storage media, it should not be treated as your main storage.

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What if one day, the cloud storage provider goes bankrupt and all your data stored will be completely gone.

As a result, there should always be a backup copy locally in order to maximize the capability of cloud storage.

My advice is, if you are going to go for any cloud storage provider to store your data, be sure you have another source of backup copy and always ensure that the copy that you kept at the cloud is a backup of your the backup.

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