Top 5 Cheapest Cloud Storage for Home User

Just not long ago, I posted the top 10 best free cloud storage where I have the outcome of Dropbox being the best free cloud storage provider with a total of 18 GB free storage.

Today I had compiled another list which are 5 of the cheapest cloud storage for home user. The criteria which I use to come out with this ranking are:

  • I choose the lowest plan after the free plan – Usually is the Personal/Home plan
  • I choose the price of one year subscription instead of monthly – Usually the 1 year plan is cheaper than monthly and I think it make sense for you to purchase a one year cloud storage instead of just one month. It is a long term investment anyway.
  • The rate I use here is = how much (in US dollar) per Giga Byte.

So, without wasting anymore precious time, let the top 5 cheapest cloud storage roll!


Top 5 Cheapest Cloud Storage

#5 – Elephant Drive

Price: $0.08 per GB

Elephant Drive provides all the end user at least 100 GB of cloud storage for only at about $8.36 a month if you sign up for an annual plan. You could go up to 2 TB, but if you are planning to go for such massive storage, I would prefer you to look for unlimited cloud storage instead.


#4 – Dropbox

Price: $0.08 per GB

Dropbox is the first cloud storage when I encountered this technology and they are still one of the cheapest today. For $99 a year, you can get 100 GB and you can go up to the maximum of 500 GB for storing movies and stuff. I had been using the free version for quite sometime to store my images and documents where I might go for the professional version once my limit is reached.


#3 – JustCloud

Price: $0.07 per GB

JustCloud offers a slightly lower disk space for home user where their lowest package starts from 75 GB for only $4.95 per month if you go for a year plan. This doesn’t really impress me because what I see in JustCloud is that they offer unlimited package for only $7.95 per month. There isn’t lots of cloud storage providers are offering unlimited disk space but JustCloud is certainly one of the cheapest out there.


#2 – OpenDrive

Price: $0.04 per GB

OpenDrive offers you their lowest package of $50 a year for a 100 GB storage. You could go up to 1 TB but then again, if you need any larger than 1TB, it is best to go for unlimited cloud storage instead. Both OpenDrive and Skydrive hit the same price rate but why I choose Skydrive as the winner here? Find out below.


And the cheapest cloud storage is…

#1 – Skydrive

Price: $0.04 per GB

Yeps. Skydrive is the winner and not OpenDrive not because they are Microsoft. It is because I really see their plan is made for home users. One of the reason is, you can start by paying as little as $20 per year for a 20 GB storage and I know it is very low in disk space, but that could be what home users are looking for a start up package. On top of that, you still get to keep your 7 GB free storage offered by Skydrive. Last but not least, they are Microsoft and not because of its brand again but because they build an Operating System called Windows which many of us are using now and I can see how well it works with the OS just because they are from the same vendor.

So, Skydrive is the winner for the cheapest cloud storage for home user.

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