Comprehensive Details on Possible Cloud Computing Security Risk

There is no doubt that cloud computing is appealing for both small and large companies and organizations. They provide the ability to use any Internet service while reducing costs associated with start-ups, lower the capital expenditures, the ability to utilize pay on the go services, use applications when they are needed, and have the ability [...]

4 Most Common Cloud Storage Security Misconceptions

The cloud computing system is a service offered to consumers and is based in a data center, meaning that whatever data or application uploaded will be stored in the confines of a server within the data center. 1. My data are less secure This may be the most common misconception on cloud storage as the [...]

Nine Trends of Cloud Computing, Which Shapes Its Future

Simplified Cloud Computing The idea behind Cloud Computing is simple. If you are online gamer, the basic idea of the Cloud lies there. The server holds information, which is not stored in the computer though it makes the game run seamlessly. The information is hosted in the computer at either a company or the third [...]

4 Basic Components of Cloud Computing Architecture

Cloud computing seems to be the trend these days but if you have absolutely no idea about this system, you would be amazed of how much you would understand after going through this comprehensive piece on the cloud computing architecture. First and foremost, it is much easier to talk about the cloud computing system by [...]

Understanding How Cloud Computing Works

The basic architecture of the Cloud Computing is simple to illustrate. In what is called the “Cloud Pyramid,” the resources of the Cloud can be visualized as three key segments: Cloud infrastructure at the bottom, Cloud platforms in the middle, and Cloud applications at the top. Apps Platform Cloud Computing Infrastructure At the apps level of [...]

What is Cloud Computing – For Dummies

Have you been wondering what is Cloud computing? It is a system whereby huge number of people get to share a service or software without having to install it on their personal computer or their mobile phones. This is because the system had been networked to spread software among its users in a channel very [...]