5 Essentials before Cloud Computing Transition

Cloud computing is one of the best innovations that happened to 21st-century businesses. With the use of the cloud, storage is no longer a problem for businesses. Since employees are not limited to working in offices anymore, data mobility has become increasingly important. Cloud computing is still relatively new and most businesses still rely on [...]

9 online data backup tips to prepare you for cloud storage

Having already know what cloud storage really is, the next step you could probably do is to look for cloud services but hold there! Finding your cloud service is nothing difficult because it is so competitive today that every cloud storage providers are doing a good job there. Perhaps, why not check out these online [...]

Top 5 Reasons for Using Cloud Computing System

When instilled with the correct middleware, cloud computing harbours great potential seeing as it has the ability to run any programs at all that can be executed on a normal computer. This makes an almost limitless horizon of applications of cloud computing. Just imagine the convenience which could be brought about by this system if [...]

Cloud Computing in Favor of Small Size Business and Its Working

Shared virtual services and resources which can be accessed by an API consist in cloud computing. It is possible that the resources are stored in a different location, some outside an organization or inside. One question arose in people’ mind that should small size organization go for cloud computing? And the answer is yes, it [...]

Is it risky to go for cloud computing storage?

Are you using any cloud computing storage? I mean, to be more specific, do you keep any of your important files on the cloud like Dropbox? Let’s say that you had been using cloud storage. So, have you ever thought that one day the cloud storage will shutdown and all your data will be gone? [...]