Why I Use and Pay for Amazon S3 Cloud Storage

Yes, I use Amazon S3 and I didn’t say so just to promote the product for affiliate commission because Amazon don’t provide affiliate program for their S3 storage service.

As mentioned, there are lots of good free cloud storage around and even with the combination of them, I could go as much as 39 GB of cloud storage for free.

But why I am still using Amazon S3 here? This doesn’t make sense!

Of course I am here to tell you why but before that, let’s make things worse here by addressing the disadvantages of Amazon S3.


The Disadvantages of Amazon S3

  • No Official Desktop Application. You can’t sync your data automatically like those Dropbox desktop application as far as I know. It is not a big problem because there could be 3rd party application that can do it but definitely not Amazon themselves for now.
  • The Price is the Same. Since the price of Amazon S3 is not really cheap, this made them a disadvantage. The price of 100 GB in S3 is almost the same for 100 GB in Dropbox. So why not go for Dropbox that is more feature rich.


So now, Why Amazon S3?

The main reason I selected Amazon S3 is because of the ‘Pay As You Go‘ concept.

My problem with paying for cloud storage are:

  • I need more than 5 GB (Average free cloud storage space) but not more than 20 GB.
  • Minimum subscription for Dropbox is 100 GB for $9.99 per month but I don’t utilize completely.

As a result, Amazon S3 solved my problem because I can utilize more than 5 GB freely and best of all, I don’t have to commit $9.99 every month.


The beauty of ‘Pay As You Go’

By going for ‘Pay As You Go’ concept, you don’t have to under utilize your subscription.

Imagine that you only need 20 GB of cloud storage, you will need to pay the following:

  • For Dropbox – $9.99
  • For Google Drive – $4.99
  • For Skydrive – $10.00
  • For Ubuntu One – $2.99
  • And finally Amazon S3 – $1.43 (Amazon Calculator)

So back to you now, what cloud storage do you subscribe to? To all Amazon S3 users and fan boys, do give a Like or Tweet to this article ;)

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