How to manage and obtain 39 GB of free cloud storage

39 GB of free cloud storage? Are you kidding me?

Yeps. I mean 39 GB and not 3.9 GB nor 39 MB here. We all know that cloud storage don’t come cheap and 39 GB is really a no joke here.

I’m not talking about the Dropbox trick where you need to get lots of referrals in order to reach 25 GB. What I mean here is something which you can achieve within 30 minutes at most.

So what’s the catch?

Simple. It is all about combining all the top free cloud storage providers around. I know you will have hard time managing them, but we will get to that later on. So, let’s focus only on the providers now.

At this moment, you don’t need to sign up for the entire list that I have over in that post. Due to certain reasons, you only need to sign up for several cloud storage providers.

So, If you sign up for these 7 cloud storage providers free account, you will ended up with 39 GB. This is the breakdown:

  1. 10 GB – Media Fire
  2. 7 GB – SkyDrive
  3. 5 GB – Google Drive
  4. 5 GB – Ubuntu One
  5. 5 GB – Box
  6. 5 GB – SugarSync
  7. 2 GB (or more) – Dropbox

Totalling up all of those storage will get you at least 39 GB. You can do the math if you don’t trust me.

Once you have all these cloud storage services, your next problem is managing them or centralizing in one place. What I can suggest to solve this problem is to sign up for another application that can do the work.

The one that I had been using is the Jolidrive. By using Jolicloud, I am able to connect to all of the 7 cloud storage providers under one roof. The only disadvantage that I can see from this is not all the free cloud storage are supported such as the Amazon S3 Storage.

I used to look into Oxtixo where it can support more cloud service but the drawback here is it is not a free service. Since my target is for home user, I don’t think Oxtixo is a suitable option.

If you are running a Ubuntu machine, you can also install the Joli OS as another option for your desktop environment.

I personally think using Jolidrive is one way to go to have more cloud storage space and at the same time, remain using them for free.

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