Is it risky to go for cloud computing storage?

Are you using any cloud computing storage? I mean, to be more specific, do you keep any of your important files on the cloud like Dropbox? Let’s say that you had been using cloud storage. So, have you ever thought that one day the cloud storage will shutdown and all your data will be gone?

I’m not joking because this is for real. Megaupload, was shutdown by FBI and allof their users who have their things stored in the cloud lost everything. This is one of the bad examples around and there are still more out there I believe.

64% think that cloud storage is risky

About 64% polled at Infosec Europe think that cloud storage is risky. Although such number has doubt in cloud storage security, there are 45% of them still uses the cloud storage such as Dropbox for work. This means that they are aware of the security but still use them because there is no doubt that those cloud services really ease our work.

Looking at how the technology go, we can be quite sure that cloud is going to be the future. We should not avoid using these services but to think of a way on how to utilize it at it’s best. As a result, stay tuned to this blog to learn more about cloud computing tips. Remember that you should read my first post if you want to know what cloud computing really is.

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  1. Jeff says:

    I think using cloud storage are just fine if you are just uploading files that are not sensitive or important data. You shouldn’t just entrust your files to a cloud storage server, you will lose control over your data. Even Apple co-founder Wozniak distrust the could.
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