Growing Threats of Cloud Computing

In this day and age, when most people are living in the fast lane and always on-the-go, there exists the need to have all necessities, wants and desires in one’s palm. There are now lots of ways in which people can achieve this.

Laptops, portable computers like tablet PCs and smart phones, can now provide this real-time collaboration of schedules, meetings, social activities and significant or even non-significant events.

They can even fit in your hand the shops and service providers to cater to your every need at the press of a button. Cloud computing contributes immensely to this trend, but not only about people’s personal use of technology, but in computing in general.

The term Cloud Computing is used to describe the concept of having ‘virtual servers’, or a large number of computers with a real-time network connection, allowing for features like real-time banking thru your mobile phone or your laptop, shopping without leaving your house or even keeping all your gadgets and gizmos in check and synchronized.

We cannot deny all the advantages and conveniences that Cloud Computing has made possible, but with all good things must come the bad. There are also disadvantages that come with this breakthrough:

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Privacy Protection

A lot of people now prefer to take their information off their desks and into the cloud for easier access. They transfer their data like photos, documents, calendars, contacts, notes or even finances into hosted web applications without taking into consideration the fact that their information is not only held by computers, but also the people behind the applications they are using.

Also, the risks of exposing sensitive knowledge, like credit card information, in servers that may or may not be safe from hackers, is very high since you’re only uploading your data into servers created and maintained by personas you do not know.

When the time comes when your records are compromised, it would be very hard for you to establish your claims since there aren’t really stable laws and rules that protects citizens on the internet, especially when the server you used is in another country.

Third Party Control

As stated above, your information is managed and maintained by people you do not know. Hosting services have access to the data that you have uploaded to them.

They have control over your files, like Facebook which does not immediately remove photos from their servers after you delete them, or Flickr which only allows you to view the last 200 photos you’ve uploaded. They can make decisions about your data in ways that you have no control over.

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Server Dependency

Many people opt to store documents that they need in the cloud for easy access, like PowerPoint presentations, Word files, account sheets and a lot more. They’re certainly more handy than hard drives right?

But what would happen if servers go down, or if your network restricts you from accessing them? Your data would be stuck in the server, being of no use to you. It’s nice to have online servers back up your work for different purposes, but always remember that these services won’t always be available to you 24/7.

Convenience is not the only thing that you should look for in a online service and technology advances like the ones Cloud Computing has made possible. You should always keep an eye out for security, exclusive control, data independence and so much more.

Always remember that putting everything in the clouds can’t always be beneficial, and without care and proper decision-making, the clouds might just pour down back at you.

About the Author: Elaine Ryder is an online writer who currently writes and does a lot of SEO stuff for a web development agency. Deep down, she’s also an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to achieve and help people reach success through the internet.

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