Why Google Drive is the best cloud storage for movie

I tried a lot of cloud storage, such as Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive and etc. You can find the list of my personal best cloud storage and I had use about 40% of the list.

So, I think Google Drive is the best cloud storage provider for movie storage. Why?

Let’s get down to the basic first.


How to upload your movie to Google Drive

First, copy your movie into your Google Drive folder.

Second, wait. This sound stupid but you need to wait for your movie to completely sync to your cloud storage.

Once the sync is complete, the movie is already at your cloud storage and you can access it anytime from anywhere.


Why Google Drive is the best for movie storage?

I have only one reason to vote it as the best movie storage which is the integration with Youtube.

Let’s checkout how the movie which I had uploaded to Google Drive looks like from the web browser.

It turns out, I can actually WATCH the movie which I had uploaded to Google Drive immediately using the Youtube engine.

No customization required from the client side or any configuration.

The only drawback that I can see is not every movie format can be converted this way.

I had only tried MP4 and AVI and both work just great. I had also tried RMVB (Real Media file) and that doesn’t work.


My verdict

I had tried other cloud storage and so far, I haven’t encounter any that can do that unless I am not aware of.

As a result, I will conclude that Google Drive is the best cloud storage for movies where my decision is made without taking the price and features into consideration.

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