What is the most expensive cloud storage provider?

I know that people don’t usually look for the most expensive cloud storage, but I think I should do blog about this as well to prevent anyone from purchasing a cloud storage and thought it is the cheapest.

So, before moving into the contents of this post, I’d like you to check out as well my previous post on:

Note: Calculation of most expensive cloud storage will be based on the cheapest cloud storage post.

And now, I’m not going to go over the entire list, so here are the top 3 most expensive cloud storage of the time:


Top 3 most expensive cloud storage

#3 – FlipDrive

Price: $0.50 per GB

For the first 10 GB of storage, FlipDrive will charge you $4.95 a month. To further break down this value, you are paying $0.50 for every 1 GB of cloud storage.


#2 – iBackup

Price: $0.83 per GB

iBackup is almost twice more expensive than FlipDrive where they are charging you 0.83 for every GB and that is about $9.95 per month for the similar 10 GB storage space. Although they are running a promotion to give away 10 times more storage, but it doesn’t affect the price in a long run so, iBackup remains the silver medalist for the most expensive cloud storage.


#1 – Yousendit

Price: $1.67 per GB

Is it a bug? Nope, it isn’t a bug unless I categorized Yousendit wrongly that it is not a cloud storage provider. So, what makes them number one here is the price is as expensive iBackup starter plan but the storage that they are giving away is only half of what iBackup could give. So, Yousendit is so expensive that you are actually paying $1.67 for every GB of storage every month.

Probably their key feature lies on the unlimited plan but on the professional plan, they are far away to compete with Skydrive, the winner of cheapest cloud storage. So, if you are looking for any cloud storage, be sure you evaluate Yousendit carefully.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Hello Alan,

    I wasn’t aware there were providers that charges your per extra GB and for a low base storage size. The fact they charge you per month is enough I think. I have tried other suppliers that charges you 4.90 per month and 70 Gb free. That is much but far much better.


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