Cloud Computing in Favor of Small Size Business and Its Working

Shared virtual services and resources which can be accessed by an API consist in cloud computing. It is possible that the resources are stored in a different location, some outside an organization or inside. One question arose in people’ mind that should small size organization go for cloud computing? And the answer is yes, it is because these resources can be accessed from a remote service.

The basic concept behind cloud computing is IAAS, PAAS and SAAS. IAAS is Infrastructure, which provided as service, PAAS is platform, that is provided as service and SAAS is software, which is provided as service.

In IAAS, a third party, that is provided cloud to the market, introduces many infrastructures which is demanded by customers. Customers have a facility to use these services, paying only for that they actually use, just like the electricity billing system.

In PAAS, the cloud enterprise provides different types of platform to be used as service. People can work over there and make their business flexible.

In SAAS, cloud providers bring several of application software to be used by their customers, as service. Instead of implementing and installing any suite for each and every PC, people can access with the help of internet connection, just by subscribing to these providers.

Cloud Computing – How it works

One more thing that is important in current scenario is Storage, what if the any disaster happened, you’re all data has been corrupted or crashed. Obviously you don’t have any choice that time. So it is better to have some backup plans, Cloud computing deals with these crises too. The cloud storage can be understood as a part of cloud computing, where you can store your data through third party vendor.

This sounds quite simple but the main issue is security of your data at that storage point. Reviews say that there are enough security plans for your data and you don’t worry about this. You need to have an Internet connection without worrying about the hard disk space. Customer can access their data from anywhere and at anytime.

Online storage is again unveiled a question that should small size organization go for cloud computing? It is totally depend upon the requirements and data size that they have. If small size organization deals with the problem of data storage then they must go through this service. It provides the portability and flexibility to their business and the maintenance cost will also be dealt by cloud service provider.

Various abstracted layers are defined in processing of cloud services. These abstracted layers are managed by the three pillars of cloud computing simplicity, efficiency and security.

There are various clouds nowadays an increasing demand from the customer’s end. Cloud has covered almost types of business like healthcare cloud, mining companies cloud, and medical cloud. Various concept solutions are being developed to increase the accessibility, and security.

This IT innovation deals with many other facilities soon as the development centers are working in this field. The services of cloud include the whole IT infrastructure as:

IAAS โ€“ Storage, Compute and Network

PAAS โ€“ OS, Middleware

SAAS โ€“ office solutions CRM and SFA.

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