Comprehensive Details on Possible Cloud Computing Security Risk

There is no doubt that cloud computing is appealing for both small and large companies and organizations. They provide the ability to use any Internet service while reducing costs associated with start-ups, lower the capital expenditures, the ability to utilize pay on the go services, use applications when they are needed, and have the ability [...]

Cloud Computing Security Considerations

The past few years have seen cloud computing grow from a niche IT sector to one of most rapidly growing segments in the industry. More and more companies are now realizing the significant cost savings the cloud offers in the form of business applications, storage and computing resources especially in the increasingly tough operating environment [...]

Welcome to Cloud Storage Tips

Welcome to Cloud Storage Tips! This is a blog which publish contents about cloud computing. If you are here, this means that you are interested to learn cloud computing from scratch. We will publish an article every 3 days where the frequency might increase once the site gets big enough. To get you started on [...]