How to manage and obtain 39 GB of free cloud storage

39 GB of free cloud storage? Are you kidding me? Yeps. I mean 39 GB and not 3.9 GB nor 39 MB here. We all know that cloud storage don’t come cheap and 39 GB is really a no joke here. I’m not talking about the Dropbox trick where you need to get lots of [...]

4 Basic Components of Cloud Computing Architecture

Cloud computing seems to be the trend these days but if you have absolutely no idea about this system, you would be amazed of how much you would understand after going through this comprehensive piece on the cloud computing architecture. First and foremost, it is much easier to talk about the cloud computing system by [...]

Understanding How Cloud Computing Works

The basic architecture of the Cloud Computing is simple to illustrate. In what is called the “Cloud Pyramid,” the resources of the Cloud can be visualized as three key segments: Cloud infrastructure at the bottom, Cloud platforms in the middle, and Cloud applications at the top. Apps Platform Cloud Computing Infrastructure At the apps level of [...]

Welcome to Cloud Storage Tips

Welcome to Cloud Storage Tips! This is a blog which publish contents about cloud computing. If you are here, this means that you are interested to learn cloud computing from scratch. We will publish an article every 3 days where the frequency might increase once the site gets big enough. To get you started on [...]