Top 10 Best Free Cloud Storage Providers and Services

Cloud storage is becoming a trend today with the fast internet connectivity that we have, uploading and downloading small size stuff on the internet is not an issue anymore. As a result, there are more and more cloud based storage today where many of them provide to you some space for start up. If you [...]

4 Most Common Cloud Storage Security Misconceptions

The cloud computing system is a service offered to consumers and is based in a data center, meaning that whatever data or application uploaded will be stored in the confines of a server within the data center. 1. My data are less secure This may be the most common misconception on cloud storage as the [...]

5 Essentials before Cloud Computing Transition

Cloud computing is one of the best innovations that happened to 21st-century businesses. With the use of the cloud, storage is no longer a problem for businesses. Since employees are not limited to working in offices anymore, data mobility has become increasingly important. Cloud computing is still relatively new and most businesses still rely on [...]

9 online data backup tips to prepare you for cloud storage

Having already know what cloud storage really is, the next step you could probably do is to look for cloud services but hold there! Finding your cloud service is nothing difficult because it is so competitive today that every cloud storage providers are doing a good job there. Perhaps, why not check out these online [...]

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is nothing special these days where it is just another storage which it is only accessible via the internet. The question is always whether is it necessary to use the cloud storage? From my point of view, the cloud storage is necessary today because more and more property are stored in digital format. [...]

Nine Trends of Cloud Computing, Which Shapes Its Future

Simplified Cloud Computing The idea behind Cloud Computing is simple. If you are online gamer, the basic idea of the Cloud lies there. The server holds information, which is not stored in the computer though it makes the game run seamlessly. The information is hosted in the computer at either a company or the third [...]