Nine Trends of Cloud Computing, Which Shapes Its Future

Simplified Cloud Computing The idea behind Cloud Computing is simple. If you are online gamer, the basic idea of the Cloud lies there. The server holds information, which is not stored in the computer though it makes the game run seamlessly. The information is hosted in the computer at either a company or the third [...]

Is it risky to go for cloud computing storage?

Are you using any cloud computing storage? I mean, to be more specific, do you keep any of your important files on the cloud like Dropbox? Let’s say that you had been using cloud storage. So, have you ever thought that one day the cloud storage will shutdown and all your data will be gone? [...]

Welcome to Cloud Storage Tips

Welcome to Cloud Storage Tips! This is a blog which publish contents about cloud computing. If you are here, this means that you are interested to learn cloud computing from scratch. We will publish an article every 3 days where the frequency might increase once the site gets big enough. To get you started on [...]