4 Most Common Cloud Storage Security Misconceptions

The cloud computing system is a service offered to consumers and is based in a data center, meaning that whatever data or application uploaded will be stored in the confines of a server within the data center.

1. My data are less secure

This may be the most common misconception on cloud storage as the general population is usually unfamiliar with the concept of data centers. Physically speaking, servers that are placed in a space provided in an office building is exposed to much more risks as compared to data centers. Layers of security are allocated to data centers as the premise personnel is available at the site 24/7 and biometric and card scanners are required to penetrate the security of these centers.

2. Slower or less reliable

The market of the cloud system is getting competitive day by day, service providers are trying hard to satisfy the needs of clients. This is why they thrive hard to make the proper adjustments after the necessary assessment to ensure that you would have a smooth and speedy experience once access is gained. The cloud system is equipped with new edge hardware which are managed and configured by the best of technicians and professionals in this field. The most probable culprit in slowing down your progress while using the cloud computing system would be none other than a slow internet connection.

3. More expensive than a new hardware

If you are considering shifting your work, you have to look at the whole picture in the long run. True, buying hardware may be inexpensive than signing up for a year-long cloud computing service. But what about the hiccups and glitches you encounter with your hardware along the way? The IT professionals whom you would need to hire would burn a whole in your pocket. Server on the Cloud works much more efficiently than a poorly configured office server that may not be up-to-date where maintenance is concerned.

4. I’m better off with my IT personnel

You may feel that you have the right to drive your employee to their limits seeing as you are the one paying them. However, why would you deny your business by placing your apps management in the hands of an over-worked employee rather than a service provider which has the experts and experience in handling hundreds similar companies?

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